Credit Where Credit Is Due

Healthcare reform becomes a law today.

The liberal in me thinks this falls short of where we need to be, that it’s a giveaway to the insurance industry (whose stocks led the rally on wall street yesterday), that without single-payer it won’t change the fundamentals of the health insurance business, that it’s essentially the same plan the Republican party offered up in the early 1990s, or the same plan Mitt Romney signed into law in MA.

The pragmatist in me, though, knows this is a big win for President Obama, and the Democrats. The optics on this are huge — it’s a win, and in American politics, winning is what matters.

More importantly, after eight years of an administration whose “accomplishments” were bombing a country that did nothing to us, and torturing people, we finally have a government whose first major accomplishment is providing a safety net for our fellow Americans. Not perfect, but a start.

Credit where credit is due: This is a big win for President Obama.



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2 responses to “Credit Where Credit Is Due

  1. Thanks for the interesting post.

  2. Paul F

    Yeah, I’m so glad those wars are over now.

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