Obama Achievements

Reading this blog, it might be easy to forget that the two authors of this blog love Obama. So, it’s only fair that from time to time we point out where he has succeeded. Anil Dash just wrote a post listing out some achievements, and encouraging us to put more effort into pressuring Obama to stick to the agenda he (Obama, not Anil) promised us.

  • The last U.S. Marines are leaving Iraq.
  • Credit card companies can no longer charge interest on fees, and can’t retroactively raise your interest rate on existing balances.
  • We know who visits the White House, and who they’re affiliated with.
  • There’s a quarter billion dollars more funding for National Parks, and $50 million more for the National Endowment for the Arts.
  • We responded, imperfectly but with heart and sincere effort, to the disaster in Haiti. Just as we wish we had after Katrina. Leadership matters most in emergencies.
  • Our current President readily admits when he’s made mistakes, respects the validity of arguments that he disagrees with, and has members of the opposing party in his cabinet.
  • The Department of Homeland Security now allocates its security spending according to threats, not by spending the same amount of money on Montana as it does on New York.
  • My 401k is up 30% since the current President took office.
  • Our President asked both corporations and individuals to reduce their electricity consumption. He asked politely.
  • Trains. There’s a plan to build more rails and more trains for transporting actual humans around the country.
  • The Matthew Shepard hate crime bill was passed.

It’s a great article, go read the whole thing.


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