Obama and the public option

Here are a couple articles talking about Obama’s relationship with the Blue Dogs, and if he’s really trying for the public option at all.

Greenwald: Even The New Republic now calls for a party purge of corporate-owned “centrists”

Rahm Emanuel, Tom Delay, and the Bush/Cheney White House have left no doubt that where there’s a will to influence the actions of Senators and House members in one’s own party, there’s a way. But the Obama White House has done nothing in the way of attempting to change the behavior of the supposedly obstructionist Blue Dogs and centrists whom Obama-defenders are eager to blame for the health care standstill. In fact, they’ve done the opposite: Emanuel has repeatedly leapt to their defense and attacked progressives who sought to influence or otherwise put pressure on them to change behavior

Marcy Wheeler: Obama Doesn’t Want You To Know He Knows Public Option Is Popular

The White House is circulating happy poll numbers in favor of health care reform.

But the White House is not circulating the happy poll numbers–from the very same polls!!–in favor of the public option.


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