Progressive Block Emerges

Just a quick note, if you aren’t a regular reader of OpenLeft (and you should be…) — this is an important development:

At the behest of a determined bloc of progressive Democrats, the Senate leadership is dropping futile attempts to appease Republicans by weakening major legislation. It is difficult to even count all of the times Open Left and other blogs have urged the Democratic leadership to do just that.

This has happened because the Progressive Block strategy is starting to manifest itself. Rather than Democratic leaders voluntarily turning legislation into a warm pile of corporate mush in order to appeal to a center-right business, media and political status quo, and then having those leaders browbeating the left into supporting said warm pile of corporate mush because that is just “political reality,” now progressives are determining the limits of political reality themselves. Progressives are offering the leadership a simple choice: pass a strong public option, or you don’t get a health care bill.

Saying “it’s about time” just isn’t strong enough.

It’s puzzling why progressives/liberals/whatevers couldn’t be just as strong a congressional force as the Blue Dogs. Perhaps now it’s the “elections matter” mentality that has pushed them into being more in the game.

Whatever the cause, it’s really good news.


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