Undecided? Really? Well, here are three things to help.

If you’re undecided about this race, two days before election day, well, I find that hard to believe. But, giving you the benefit of the doubt, let’s say you really are undecided about the Presidential pick in front of you — here are three things to think about.

Number One: Sarah Palin.

That’s it.

Seriously, if you’re saying you are “undecided” at this point, that implies you are not part of the right wing Republican base that Palin has so obviously energized. You’re not part of the constituency that was catered-to and pacified by that pick. Which says to me, you’re obviously apprehensive about McCain’s judgement there — listen to that voice in your head. This choice is a problem for anyone who is not part of the Right.

You’re really going to vote for such an unserious choice for the second highest office in the land?

Number Two: Ask yourself, to whom is each candidate beholden at the end of the day?

While there’s no doubt Obama has raised money from high-profile donors, what has made his campaign significant is the millions of dollars he’s raised from everyday people like you and me. McCain, on the other hand, staked out his presidency by catering to the right. (See: Number One, above.)

So, at the end of the day, both candidates are going to have to deliver some pay back. Look at who Obama owes, and who McCain owes — that should tell you something.

Number Three: Hope

Now, Hillary Clinton mocked this idea of hope, as does John McCain and Sarah Palin. But you should never discount the importance of hope, especially in a political campaign.

Hope, quite simply, is what made this country what it is. The Right likes to invoke the Founders, but what did the Founders have, if nothing else, when scrapping together this idea of a Republic? They had hope.

(Trust me, I watched John Adams on HBO. I know this.)

And Obama’s message of hope, denigrated by his political opponents as “just speeches,” is what has brought millions of new voters into the political progress.

The hope that we can turn the page on this bullshit quagmire of a world into which we’ve boxed our selves; the hope that the last eight years might somehow be repudiated; the hope that, by showing the world we can, for once, do the right thing, we’ll earn the respect of others, instead of forcing that “respect” through, way too often, the targeting mechanism of a B2 bomber.

In short, we can show the world that this country isn’t based in fear, or racism, and that this country can, every once in a while, get something right.

OK, so this is getting a bit preachy, and that wasn’t the intention. I’m not saying Obama is the greatest thing since Bubblicious — just look at the title of this blog. He’s not all that liberal, certainly much less liberal than I’d like, and he’s certain to let many of us down. Just look at Prop 8 in California.

But you, the undecided voter, your days of undecideness are over. It’s time to make a decision, and it’s time to do the right thing.

Undecideds: it’s time to decide.


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