What Obama Should Have Said

The Obama response to last night’s red-meat-fest was tepid. Maybe there’s a reason? But here’s what he should have said:

Last night, the Republicans spent four hours on the attack. Their attacks, and, quite frankly, lies about me and my record were simply more of the same. Last night was Republicanism Recycled — the same game plan they came out with in 2000, and 2002, and 2004, and 2006.

This is evidently all they’ve got. Lies about my tax plan. Lies about my experience in public service. Saying I want to “forfeit” the war in Iraq. Mocking my time spent as a community organizer — something I find incredibly offensive.

If John McCain and Sarah Palin want to have a debate about taxes, or the war in Iraq, or energy policy, that is a debate Joe Biden and I would welcome.

In fact, what we heard last night would have been a lot more effective if, for the last eight years, we didn’t get to see exactly what a Republican administration has done for this country. If there’s anything the last eight years of Republicans in the White House has proven, is that you don’t want Republicans anywhere near the White House.

The kind of attack dog politics we heard last night may have played well on the convention floor, but it’s the kind of politics the American people are tired of.

We can do better.

Easy peasy.


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