GetFISARight’s Ad Campaign: RNC Edition

Under the radar of the major news networks at the RNC, the police have been cracking down hard on citizens exercising free speech:

Police officers used tear gas on a peaceful crowd that was following instructions in St. Paul on Tuesday evening. In an overwhelming show of force, well over a hundred riot police locked down 7th Street between Wabasha and St. Peter, surrounded protesters in the Poor People’s March, media, and bystanders and then proceeded to launch several cannisters of tear gas after the crowd was hemmed in.

We can help fight back, and raise awareness of the importance of our civil liberties, by running an ad during the RNC:

The ads, which start at $100, are run on cable networks such as Fox News and CNN in the St. Paul area. There are already eight ads slotted to run this week, and, with your help, or with the help of people you know, we can air even more.

Additional information can be found at GetFISARight’s web site.

And even if you can’t afford to run an ad, please help spread the word!


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