It’s Not Over!

If you haven’t checked lately, the Get FISA Right group on Obama’s website is currently at 19,306 members.

20,000 today???

Want to get involved? Here’s how.



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2 responses to “It’s Not Over!

  1. huntingdonpost

    How can he be trusted? Now he’s anti-gun control and pro-death penalty for non-murderers? It isn’t just FISA that is the problem. I say just sit out the presidential election. Vote down-ticket Dems and save one’s conscience.

  2. Carlo Scannella

    You go to the voting booth with the nominee you’ve got, not necessarily the one you want…

    This election is too important not to vote for Obama — I completely disagree with sitting it out.

    No matter what, he’s better than McCain.

    That said, I agree with you on concerns about where he’s headed now that the GE has begun (although I don’t think Obama is really all that “liberal”…). We need to keep the pressure on him, to make sure he knows where we stand on these important issues (like telecom immunity and FISA).

    We also need to support Obama on the issues with which we agree — like supporting the Bingaman amendment, etc.

    Speaking for me only ™, I don’t ever think politicians can be “trusted,” and I think it’s a mistake to think of politics in terms of trust. Politicians need to be held accountable to their words — when you start trusted them, things go wrong.

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