Greenwald’s analysis of the Al-Haramain ruling

Glenn Greenwald has written an extensive piece on on the Al-Haramain ruling. For civil liberties nerds, it’s an engaging piece. I found this particularly interesting (and it made me feel good about our judicial system):

[Bush-41-appointed] Judge Walker became the third federal Judge to reject the Bush administration’s legal excuse for breaking the law. Now that Judge Walker has joined Federal District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor in the Eastern District of Michigan and Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Ronald Gilman in so ruling, this means that every federal judge to rule specifically on the Bush administration’s legal excuses for violating FISA has rejected those excuses.

He also calls out the MSM editorials on their lies/hype:

This history of the telecoms — faring no better in court than the President has — gives the lie to Fred Hiatt’s deeply (and typically) dishonest Washington Post Editorial today — by way of praising Obama’s FISA stance — that telecom immunity is a good idea because “The likelihood of prevailing — or even getting very far — with such lawsuits is low.” The exact opposite is true: it’s precisely because the telecoms know they are in severe danger of losing in court — because they broke multiple laws — that they and the White House are so desperate for amnesty.


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  1. Jeannie Gibbons

    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for filling in a lot of blanks for me through this email. Please keep ’em coming.

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