Get FISA Right Group At 7292

The Get FISA Right group continues to build momentum. Currently, it is the fourth largest group on Obama’s campaign website, with 7292 8492 [2:30 EST] members!

As we noted just two short days ago, the group was at 2200 members. Pretty remarkable.

The Get FISA Right wiki is tracking the growth rate, and has some interesting analysis of the numbers. For example, between 9:15 and 10AM ET today, there was a spike, which might be attributable to a post on this morning’s front page of slashdot.

Other ways to get involved:

For those interested in putting the pressure on other members of Congress, there’s an ActBlue page where you can contribute to their campaign.

Here’s the Get FISA Right Facebook group, for those of your Facebook-inclined.

And give this a digg…



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2 responses to “Get FISA Right Group At 7292

  1. Senator Obama,

    Many pragmatic and principled people agree that you would be better served by taking a stronger, more principled stance regarding domestic spying and ex-post-facto laws immunizing those who may have aided and abetted this felonious surveillance.

    I hope you will agree and put some freedom back into Independence Day by showing your strength, not your weakness.

    It is the beneficial thing to do politically, and it is a critical element in defining the type of leader you will be as our next president.

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