Al From Praises Obama’s Support For FISA Compromise

Today, at a meeting of the DLC, Al From had some very nice things to say about Obama:

…Obama’s theme of putting solutions ahead of bipartisan bickering matches what the DLC has championed from the beginning. And in the early stages of the general election, Obama shows signs of continuing that theme, he said.

Obama didn’t condemn a Supreme Court decision restricting gun control laws, From pointed out, and he endorsed a congressional compromise on legal protections for telecommunications companies that aided Bush administration wiretapping _ two positions that disappoint some liberals.

“He’s shown me that he knows how to be practical,” From said.

If by “practical,” you mean giving the White House even more than they expected on the FISA bill, then yeah, sure. Practical.

If you’re not aware of the DLC, they’ve had a long-standing antagonistic relationship with the netroots. And, notably, they’ve even tried to claim Barack Obama as one of their own. Obama, though, would have none of it:

“I am not currently, nor have I ever been, a member of the DLC,” said Obama, in a statement that substantially reflects a telephone conversation with Associate Editor Bruce Dixon, this weekend. “It does appear that, without my knowledge, the DLC…listed me in their ‘New Democrat’ directory,” Obama continued. “Because I agree that such a directory implies membership, I will be calling the DLC to have my name removed, and appreciate your having brought this fact to my attention.”

The Washington Post reports, though, the DLC is up to its old tricks:

Obama won the nomination without help from top DLC leaders, but that isn’t stopping them from taking a little credit.

But of course.

If the beltway-insider, unprincipled DLC is calling Obama’s FISA compromise “practical”, that’s a clear sign that this isn’t the Obama we voted for in the primaries.



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5 responses to “Al From Praises Obama’s Support For FISA Compromise

  1. K. Searle

    I don’t like the DLC! If Obama is courting the DLC, he doesn’t need any help from me, and he doesn’t need my contributions either! I don’t want a DLC President again. We just have been saddled with a Republican for the past 8 years, and there is not much difference to me!!!

  2. Carlo Scannella

    @K. Searle — to be clear, Obama is not courting the DLC. They seem to be once again trying to co-opt his efforts.

    Business as usual for them…

  3. Bill W.

    I just want to say thanks to whoever set this blog up.


  4. Carlo Scannella

    Thanks, Bill. We appreciate the good words.

  5. lulu

    Running to the center is a classic DLC strategy. Barack looks like a duck to me.

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