Keith Olberman refuses to criticize Obama on his FISA bill position

On January 31, Keith Olbermann delivered one of his signature “special comments”, criticizing Bush for supporting telcom immunity. It was about what you’d expect from Olberman — 10 minutes of furious, reasoned commentary. Gods bless Keith Olbermann!

But now, he is giving Obama a free pass on the same issue. Of course, Obama has criticized the telcom immunity portion of the FISA bill and pledged to try to remove it. But alas, he has stated that he will vote yea on the bill regardless of if he succeeds.

Glenn Greenwald has been covering the issue furiously. On June 26, he delivered a sharp and elaborate criticism of Olbermann, challenging him to hold Obama to the same standards that he holds Bush.

Later that day, because he is the coolest MSM journalist ever, Olbermann responded on Daily Koss.

On June 27, Greenwald delivered Olbermann a smackdown, as the kids say. Greenwald characterized Olbermann as having faith that Obama has a secret benevolent plan to prosecute the telcos later, and that this is the same rationale that the Bush administration has used to break law after law.

On his show on Friday, Olbermann promised a special comment on FISA on Monday [anyone have a youtube link for this?].

We need to pressure Olbermann to not give Obama a free pass on this. Email his show:

And tell them what you think.



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3 responses to “Keith Olberman refuses to criticize Obama on his FISA bill position

  1. Gail

    I love Keith (and Glenn) BUT replying on Kos was not cool. For one thing, he wrote that he hadn’t even read Glenn’s piece! For another, it had an unjustifiably cranky tone. The appropriate response would/will be to invite Glenn on the show with a Constitutional scholar or to and discuss the issue without personal attacks or defensiveness. Not THAT is a show I’d tune in to!

  2. That would have been a reasonable responce, Gail… but he couldn’t do that and he can’t because his position, in light of how he attacked Bush for the illegality of the FISA Bill and then flip-flopped to support Obama’s, is undefendable. There is no difference in the bill itself and so the only reason Keith-O supports it now, is because Obama supports it. That makes keith-O a political hack and a hyporcrite. So all Keith can do is pretend he didn’t read Glenn’s article, and post some tripe little strawman argument attacking Glenn himself, and then keep quiet and wait for it to blow over. Which, to me is very similar to what Carl Rove did for several years attacking dems for being”in league with the terrorists”.
    I’ll never watch Olbermann again.

  3. Carlo Scannella

    It will be interesting to hear KO’s comment tonight. I’ll definitely be tuning in. (But I do that anyway most nights… ) 🙂

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