Anti FISA bill group on reaches 2200 members

On June 20th, a group formed on to pressure Obama to change his stance on the FISA bill. On June 26th, it had a little over 300 members. Today, at noon on June 29th, it has 2,200 members. The group has its own wiki, including a page with stats.

In the listing here, you can see that the 10th biggest group has around 2,700 members (I don’t think there is a way to view group stats after the top 10– if anyone knows how, please fill us in).

This means that the anti FISA Bill group has grown to be one of the biggest groups in the system, in only 9 days. To my knowledge, it is the only group on the site (with more than a handful of members) that is centered around an issue that supporters do NOT like about Obama. It is remarkable that such a group could grow to be one of the biggest groups in the system.

Hopefully within 24 hours, the group will be in the top 10, which could be key in generating media attention.

If you haven’t joined this group yet, please do so, and share it with your friends. The discussion on the email list has been largely constructive, respectful, and interesting, coming from folks from a wide range of perspectives and approaches.



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7 responses to “Anti FISA bill group on reaches 2200 members

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  2. The “Get FISA Right” group on has broken the “Top Ten” biggest groups, and has already moved up to #9!

  3. Nick

    There are now more than 7700 members in the “Get FISA Right” group! The group is currently #4 and on a pace to be #3 by the end of the day and #1 by tomorrow! This group is seriously blowing up and I hope everyone that reads this and is concerned about this issue will take 30 seconds and join and make their voice heard!

    Here is a link to a wiki about the page for more info:

  4. Carlo Scannella

    Hey, Nick. Thanks for your comment — we just did a post earlier today with the updated numbers.

    You think it will really by #1 by tomorrow? That would be incredible!

  5. John

    I am a Obama supporter who is a member of the group. We need the Senator to understand that the FISA Bill is flawed and takes away power from the people. The power we have in the courts to make sure that the alleged illegal wiretaps are investigated and the Judiciary branch can do its job.

    Congress has refused to take action on behalf of the American people, so the people are taking action themselves through the civil courts.

    The FISA Amendment of 2008 will end all civil cases removing the power from the people. We will then be left with a “Hope” that the politicians will do the right thing and pursue criminal charges. I am not holding my breath since they have even formed a committee to look into the violations to this date.

    We must urge all our Senators to vote NO on HR 6304.

  6. Carlo Scannella

    @John — couldn’t agree more. Thanks for your comments!

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